Danielle’s Bio

Danielle is a lifelong scholar with a particular interest in politics, history, and Russian literature.  As a college student, Danielle worked in the college annual giving department. While there, she learned how to communicate to the college’s donors the importance of their gift to the college, and how it positively impacted students like her. She was able to access resources, institutions and travel opportunities that would have otherwise been out of reach. She met and built friendships with people from all over the world, and people she never would have met at home.

For Danielle and many other students, a college education was only accessible due to the pooled resources of the surrounding community. Having graduated, Danielle wants to continue that work to ensure that first-generation students can access a college education and experience the wider world around them.


Wellesley College, Bachelor of Science in Political Science

What I Wish I Knew My First Year

I wish that I knew that failure was a part of learning, and that you have to be willing to make a mistake in order to learn how to do better. I rarely went to office hours my first semester and was struggling to figure out how to use my school’s resources. I thought that if I was doing poorly in class, it meant that I just wasn’t smart enough. Luckily for me, I had failed an assignment and my professor requested to see me during her office hours. Once there, she walked me through my assignment and was able to help me with the concepts that I was having trouble understanding. From then on, I went to her office hours every week and was able to pass the course.

Favorite Place on Campus

My favorite place on campus was the walking trail around the lake on campus. Whenever I got really stressed out with midterms or a paper, I would go take a walk around the lake and listen to music. It was a nice 45 minute walk around so by the time I got back to my dorm room I had usually come up with a solution to my problem.