Doris joined Pass With Flying Colors as the College Success Specialist in September 2019.

Doris’ passion for education began shortly after obtaining her undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and Spanish from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After graduation, she served as an AmeriCorps member at College Possible. Her role as a College Access Coach allowed her to immerse herself in the higher education environment to successfully support students during their college application journey. Doris was able to build close relationships with her students while serving as a mentor to them. 

She enjoyed her first year working with students so much, she decided to complete a second year of service with the same organization. At the end of her second year of service, she made the decision to further her education and fulfill her long term personal goal in the counseling field. She continued working in the college access field as a part-time college counselor at Chicago Scholars

In addition to her work at Pass With Flying Colors, Doris is currently a graduate student at Northeastern Illinois University in the Clinical Mental Health track. 


 University of Illinois at Chicago, B.A. in Applied Psychology and Spanish


I wish I knew it was okay and normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed by adapting to a new environment. I was very hard on myself when I first started college, I was under the impression that I was the only one going through this, therefore, I bottled everything in and kept saying to myself it was okay. The truth being, a lot of college students face these types of problems during their first year of college. The transition from high school to college can be very challenging and upsetting for some students. Luckily, the Counseling Center at UIC I was a great resource to me that helped me deal with my feelings of anxiety and stress. 


I really enjoyed the library! I spent most of my time there not purely for academic reasons but because UIC’s library gives me a sense of comfort! I also like how the floors are assigned to a  noise level. For example, level 1 you can talk and eat, level 2 is silent study in some areas, while level 3 is silent study only and level 4 is for normal talk, group projects or to hang out. 

P.S. I also loved the library because I could take naps there between classes. The couches were really comfy!