Ellen serves as the Community Engagement Coordinator for Pass with Flying Colors. Her path to this position started right out of college, where she graduated with a degree in Sociology-Anthropology and International Studies. During her four years at Loyola University Chicago, she developed a passion for education, as well as a desire to support students who are disadvantaged by systematic forces within the educational system. Through research projects and internships, Ellen gained first-hand experience working with diverse groups of students and their families in a school setting.

Originally from Minneapolis, Ellen is happy to be working in an urban environment with young people and is looking forward to getting to know the Pass With Flying Colors community.


Loyola University Chicago, B.A. in International Studies and Sociology-Anthropology


I wish I knew the importance of becoming a part of my new community. My first year I was pretty consumed with campus life but found it liberating the following year once I invested some of my time in things outside of campus. This included simple changes like running outside instead of at the gym and shopping at the local grocery store instead of going to Target. However, it also included some larger changes. I started volunteering at a community center every week and became politically active within Chicago’s local government. This helped me not only enjoy my semesters on campus more, but I felt more connected to the city as a whole.


I loved sitting by the lake! Loyola’s Lake Shore campus borders Lake Michigan and just beyond Loyola’s library there is a ledge where anyone can sit. The ledge overlooks Lake Michigan, and that was a space I would go with friends to chill or by myself to relax. The neighborhood had access to this area and so you would see dogs there too! It was a space that I often miss going to today.