Pass With Flying Colors programs is one of Chicago’s only 8-year college access and persistence programs. With equal focus on college preparation and degree attainment, our innovative College Ready and College Success programs emphasize the following components to ensure PWFC scholars' success:

  • December 8, 2016

    Freshman Recruitment

    Building our cohorts in 9th grade allows PWFC to reach deep into the academic middle, providing college preparation opportunities to students who are otherwise left behind by programs that begin later in high school. Four years of high school programming enables scholars sufficient time to establish crucial academic habits necessary for college and career success. Programming for freshman enriches the school’s curriculum so students have the reading, math and critical thinking skills to bring scholar's academic skills and habits to college-going levels. Without this early intervention, students may not reach the academic potential that provides the best college options.
  • December 8, 2016

    Individualized Support

    Our program staff work from an office in our partner school in order to provide individualized support to scholars during the school day. All PWFC scholars have a scheduled weekly one-on-one meeting with their cohort lead to address individual growth areas, challenges and further develop skills. Students also have access to tutoring during the school day at the PWFC office. Students and their families receive individual counseling on the college selection and financial aid processes. In junior year, PWFC scholars are paired with college persistence mentors. PWFC mentors provide additional support to help scholars navigate their college journey.
  • December 5, 2016

    Family Programming

    Regardless of socio-economic background, parents and caregivers remain the single greatest influence in a young person's life. Support and encouragement from parents or caregivers during the college selection process, and during college years, is imperative for most students to succeed. We conduct annual workshops for college knowledge, college selection and financial aid planning for families. Each student and their family also meets for a one-on-one conference with PWFC twice annually during high school. This partnership between PWFC and parents will have a significant impact on students’ college degree attainment.
  • December 5, 2016

    Experiential Learning

    The initial year of college for low-income, first-generation students is filled with unfamiliar first encounters. Experiential learning in high school takes students out of their community, and out of their comfort zone, to develop the self-confidence and leadership skills necessary to navigate through the first year of college. PWFC scholars participate in an experiential learning trip in each of the four high school years.