Fall 2020 Program Updates

Pass With Flying Colors has been affected by the economic environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The fundraising revenue we rely on to support our programs has declined significantly in a very short period of time. As a result, we have faced difficult decisions about our program offerings this Fall and will operate a reduced program schedule.

In the mean time, we are reviewing all of the available options to address this situation going forward. We are committed to serving students and families, and hope to find an option soon that allows full services to continue to everyone served by Pass With Flying Colors.


Please review the details below for more information about changes at Pass With Flying Colors.


    What is changing at Pass With Flying Colors? 

    We have been affected by the economic environment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have lost significant revenue in a short period of time that we rely on to run programs. We have needed to make the difficult decision to reduce program offerings for Fall 2020. We are working diligently to find an option as soon as possible that limits more significant impacts on our programs.


    How will this situation impact programs and services?

    Beginning in September 2020, we will reduce program offerings for the 2020-2021 school year. All programming will continue virtually in line with CVOID-19 safety measures. An orientation to program changes is being scheduled for participating students during September.

    Planned program changes include:

    • 9th Grade: We will not be accepting a new cohort this year.
    • 10th Grade: Students will have assigned 1:1 support and optional office hours. Group sessions are not being offered.
    • 11th Grade: Students will have assigned 1:1 support and optional office hours. Group sessions are very limited. A virtual college visit is planned for October.
    • 12th Grade: Programming is unchanged.
    • College Students: Programming for first-year college students is unchanged. Students later in college will have access to a scheduled semester check-in and on-demand office hours. Virtual job shadows are being planned. College to Career workshops will not be offered this semester.
    • Parent and Caregiver Support: Conferences will be scheduled upon request. Workshops will be limited to one annually.


    Who is impacted?

    We have reduced our staff by two positions serving students; one was the result of a resignation to attend graduate school and will not be filled at this time.

    Program support for high school seniors and first-year college students is unaffected. Changes are made to other program offerings as noted above.


    What plans are in place to support those impacted?

    Students will have the opportunity to decline continued participation if the program changes do not meet their needs. They will be eligible to reenroll without penalty if the programs are restored at a later date. We are working to identify partners to serve students who decline participation, or where programmings have been significantly reduced. All students served by PWFC prior to these changes will be eligible to schedule 1:1 meetings during weekly office hours as frequently as needed. 


    What is Pass With Flying Colors doing to support students during this crisis?

    We have developed a resource website with commonly requested supports – such as employment support, housing assistance, and access to technology – that is available for students, families and mentors. In addition, we are accepting emergency funds requests through our scholarship fund for students needing assistance for food or stable housing. We are also lending Chromebooks to students who need technology to access and complete school work during online learning.

    We are helping students prepare to and respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on their education. Regular summer check-ins with college students specifically addressed COVID-19 safety measures at home and on campus. We are preparing training for mentors to help them understand their mentee’s changing experience as well.

    We provided continued summer programming for students and maintain 1:1 and office hours for all students. While our Fall programming is reduced, we have moved scheduled programming online to adhere to safety measures. We are collaborating with our school partners to help students engage effectively in online learning.


    You can make sure our students continue to receive the support they need to succeed by investing in our programs. This support from our community makes a bigger impact now than ever before. Donations will have an immediate impact on our students by supporting Fall 2020 virtual programming and college scholarships.

    Donations can be made online at www.passwithflyingcolors.org/donate.

    We are also accepting donations of new and gently used laptops and Chromebooks to assist students with online learning.


    We will be in communication with updates regularly as our plans develop. You can find updates on this webpage, our social media channels and via email. Our team is also available to address any additional questions you may have.

    For general questions, please contact Executive Director Jessica Paulsen at jpaulsen@passwithflyingcolors.org.

    For questions about programming changes, please contact Program Director Samantha Rudnicki at srudnicki@passwithflyingcolors.org.