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Family Programming

Regardless of socio-economic background, parents and caregivers remain the single greatest influence in a young person's life. Support and encouragement from parents or caregivers during the college selection process, and during college years, is imperative for most students to succeed. We conduct annual workshops for college knowledge, college selection and financial aid planning for families. Each student and their family also meets for a one-on-one conference with PWFC twice annually during high school. This partnership between PWFC and parents will have a significant impact on students’ college degree attainment.


Pass With Flying Colors sees another class of seniors graduate high school, and 100% of these scholars enroll in college. 86% of PWFC's college cohort return for their sophomore year. Pass With Flying Colors is now serving nearly 90 students in both the College Ready and College Success programs.


100% of Pass With Flying Colors' graduating seniors enroll in college. PWFC's program grow as it's largest cohort of 25 freshman begins the program. This expansion enables PWFC to serve 75 students in high school and college.


PWFC’s College Success program launches as the first cohort begins the college application process. Seniors attend the Onsite Admissions Forum and receive 48 early college admissions decisions. Juniors are paired with a mentor who will support them through their college journey.


PWFC recruits its second freshman cohort. The College Ready program uses a teacher-led model to facilitate workshops on academic habits. A reading program is launched, and experiential learning is included as a core program component after PWFC scholars participate in a 4-day/3-night leadership development camp in Wisconsin.


The Goldmans and PWFC's Founding Executive Director, Erin Drury, transition PWFC's programs to provide more intensive and individualized support for high school and college. They launch PWFC Scholars with an 8-year model serving students throughout high school and college. PWFC launches the College Ready program at CICS Northtown Academy with a cohort of 10 freshmen. PWFC Summer of Discovery also launches, providing college exposure to Northtown sophomores and juniors. Summer of Discovery culminates in a summer immersion experience on a college campus for 1-3 weeks.


Founders Kenny and Paula Goldman launch Pass With Flying Colors after learning that less than 8% of Chicago Public Schools students will graduate from college. PWFC partners with CICS Larry Hawkins, a new public charter school in the Altgeld Gardens community. PWFC provides a backpack filled with school supplies to each of the 200 students at the school. PWFC also sponsors all after-school clubs and programs for the school's first year.

College Dreams Update

Wear your finest Mardi Gras festive attire on February 25, 2017 at our annual College Dreams gala. Join us to celebrate another successful year and toast our senior scholars’ college acceptances.