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June 28, 2017 | PWFC Scholars Spend Summer on Campus

Just one week after the school year ended, Pass With Flying Colors scholars are already filling their backpacks and cramming their duffel bags. Tickets in hand, they’re about to hit to road to campuses across the country to spend time in pre-college programs that will allow them to experience dorm life and take college courses.

Rising PWFC Senior Chelsea is headed to Indiana State. “Going to a summer immersion program is a great opportunity. It’s like having the real college experience, because we’re actually going to get to live and learn there,” she said. “It’s like getting a ‘sneak peek’ before we actually go to college.” This summer, Chelsea and 19 other PWFC students will learn what to expect in college at summer programs on college campuses

Pass With Flying Colors scholars will participate in:

Atlanta, GA
  • Emory University (Pre-college Summer Program)
Chicago, IL
  • Illinois Institute of Technology (Freelance Coder Camp, Intro to Engineering and Design)
  • Loyola University Chicago (Summer Enrichment at Loyola)
  • Companies That Care (Career Exploration Internship)
  • Chicago Summer Business Institute
Milwaukee, WI
  • Marquette University (Health Careers Opportunity Program, 2 Day Summer Visit)
Terre Haute, IN
  • Indiana State University (Summer Honors)

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